Thursday, April 28, 2011

motor Yamaha - Scorpio z - 2008

Motor : .Rp. 14 jt

Date : 20 April 2011

Yamaha Scorpio z 2008 Biru Th 2008 Harga negotiable (nafgan), motor jarang pake,Mesin standar 100% ori,belum pernah dioprek stater tokcer, mesin langsm sempurna @1250rpm tangan pertama, bisa pinjam KTP FC dalam kota 1:30-33, luar kota/jalan jauh 1:35-38 top speed masih dapet 150kmh kec rata2 70-80kmh optimal shifting gear (econo riding) 1st 25kmh @4000rpm 2nd 40kmh @4000rpm 3rd 60kmh @5000rpm 4th 70kmh @5000rpm 5th 90kmh @5500rpm red line >150kmh @ 10500 rpm (not recomended) km 34rb, ban depan masih 85%, belakang udah tipis. Hub. 0816108742 Kelengkapan : kaca spion,velg standard,tool kit,m

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Yamaha - Scorpio z - 2008

Price : Rp. 14.00 mil.
Item : Motor : Yamaha– 2008.
Seller :

Z 2008 Yamaha Scorpio Blue Th 2008 Price negotiable (nafgan), motor rarely use, standard engine 100% ori, has never been effective in lessening dioprek stater, langsm engine @ 1250rpm perfect first-hand, can borrow in a city ID card FC 1:30-33, outside city ​​/ street far 1:35-38 still get 150kmh top speed 70-80kmh Kec rata2 optimal gear shifting (Econo riding) @ 4000rpm 1st 2nd 25kmh 40kmh 60kmh @ 4000rpm @ 5000rpm 3rd 4th 5th 90kmh 70kmh @ 5000rpm @ 5500rpm red line> 150kmh @ 10,500 rpm (not Recommended) km 34rb, the front tires still 85%, behind the already thin. Hub. 0816108742 Completeness: mirrors, alloy wheels standard, tool kit, m

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