Thursday, April 28, 2011

motor Yamaha - nouvo z - 2005

Motor : .Rp. 6 jt

Date : 20 April 2011

Yamaha nouvo z 2005 merah silver Th 2005 yamaha nouvo Z 2005/2006 warna merah/silver pajak panjuang ganz bulan 12 bisa pinjam ktp surat" komplit plat B jakarta bodi mulus orisinil lis komplit mesin standar sehat ban" baru cvt alus g brisik,gredeg ato gaung semua klistrikan berjalan normal km 33rban siap jalan kmana saja. harga 6,7jt negotiable alus ya yg minat bs hub: esia:021-93802329 axis:083898895525 ym:nakatakren@yahoo. com pin:ask alamat: jl sutra ungu C2/13 komp walikota sebelah polsek kelapa gading klo agan" ga mau repot sampai mall tlp aja nanti saya jemput. makasih. Hub. 021-9380232

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Yamaha - Nouvo z - 2005

Price : Rp. 6.00 mil.
Item : Motor : Yamaha– 2005.
Seller :

Red 2005 Yamaha Nouvo z Th 2005 Silver Yamaha Nouvo Z 2005/2006 red / silver tax panjuang ganz months 12 can borrow ktp letter "B jakarta complete plate seamless original trim body comprehensive health standard engine tires" new CVT Alus g Brisik, gredeg ato echo all klistrikan run normally km 33rban ready kmana road course. jt 6.7 price negotiable interest Alus ya yg bs hub: 93,802,329 esia :021-axis: 083 898 895 525 ym: nakatakren @ yahoo. com pins: ASK address: jl C2/13 purple silk comp next mayor Polsek ivory palm klo agan "ga mall want to be bothered until later I picked tlp aja. thanks. Hub. 021-9380232

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