Monday, June 27, 2011

motor Jual Yamaha Mio 2009

Rp. 9 jt
Location : Banten.
Date : 23 June 2011

Dijual: jual yamaha mio 2009
Tanggal: Kemarin
Condition: Lihat di deskripsi
Harga: Rp. 9.000.000 negotiable
Oleh: miftahul. huda06
Member sejak: 28-05-2009
Dijual Yamaha Mio CW 2009 Bulan 8, pelat B Kodya Tangerang, pajak panjang
Kondisi body mulus, mesin halus, km rendah skitar 13rban jarang pake cuma dipake istri buat ke pasar dan keliling komplek
100% original, velg racing asli yamaha, servis rutin BERES, stnk,bpkb,faktur,manual book, tool set, kartu garansi komplit (masih sisa garansi 1 th).
Peminat serius boleh copdar, alamat di Komplek

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Sell ​​2009 Yamaha Mio

Price : Rp. 9.00 mil.
Item :
Seller :Contact : Banten..

For Sale: yamaha mio 2009
Date: Yesterday
Condition: See description
Price: Rp. 9 million negotiable
By: Miftahul. huda06
Member since: 28-05-2009
Sale 2009 Yamaha CW Month 8, the plate B Municipality Tangerang, long tax
Conditions smooth body, smooth engine, low miles skitar 13rban only rarely pake using that wife made to the market and around the complex
100% original, authentic racing wheels yamaha, routine service goes wrong, vehicle registration, reg, invoice, manual book, tool set, complete the warranty card (still remaining 1 year warranty).
Seriously interested may copdar, address the complex

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Before engaging in any transactions

  1. Make sure that the item you're interested in is the most suitable for your needs. Before doing any contact to the seller, compare the rate price with another (item) ads with exact matched specification (eq: Yamaha model, year of fabrication, etc).
  2. Make the seller that advertised the ad is a trusted seller. Be aware that the Yamaha motorcycle ad, you're interested in, might be a scam or some kind a 'used item for sold' fraud.
  3. Negotiate with the seller in public place. Some place that easy to access by both party.
  4. Check item's condition throughly.
  5. Verify all legal related matters. Make sure that the motorcycle is not a stolen vehicle, by check the registration to local authority. Also check whether a insurance or warranty came with the motorcycle