Sunday, May 1, 2011


Rp. 200 jt
Location : Jakarta D.K.I.
Date : 27 April 2011

Tanggal: Hari ini
Condition: Bekas
Harga: Rp. 200.000 negotiable
Oleh: jeffanda
Member sejak: 31-03-2011
MISI PARA JURAGAN NEwbie disini mau numpang jaulan knalpot vixion merk ARS pro 1 alasan jual karena motor mau di jual :D barang masih bagus gan suara ngebass adem dah ane pasang gas bull juga supya lebih adem utk akselerasi jamin tokcer ane di jalan panjang lebak bulus parung penah dapet 140km/j dengan jarak cmn +- 500m minusnya cuman kotor gan harga best offer diatas 150k gan untuk CP : 081234574745
bisa ketemu

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FOR SALE: PRO Vixion exhaust ARS

Price : Rp. 200.00 mil.
Item :
Seller :Contact : Jakarta D.K.I..

For Sale: SELL: ARS PRO exhaust Vixion
Date: Today
Condition: Used
Price: Rp. 200,000 negotiable
By: jeffanda
Member since: 31-03-2011
MISSION PARA Squire newbie here want to ride jaulan exhaust brand vixion ARS pro 1 reason selling because the motor will be sold: D goods still gan good sound cool ngebass dah ane gas pairs of bull also supya more cool to guarantee effective in ane acceleration in the long valley road penah get fleeced Parung 140km / h with a distance of CMN + - 500m minus gross cuman best price gan gan to offer over 150K CP: 081 234 574 745
could meet

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