Wednesday, December 1, 2010

motor Yamaha - Vixion 150 - 2008

Motor : .Rp. 15 jt

Date : 23 November 2010

Yamaha Vixion 150 2008 Abu Abu Th 2008 DiJual Motor kesayangan Yamaha V-ixion th 2008 Bulan October Untuk Harga Pembukaan Rp.15,5Jt ( silakan dinego ) Specknya sebagai berikut: 1. V-ixion Tahun 2008 Bulan October 2. Kondisi bodi & Mesin masih Baik & Ok 3. Km 28rb-an, dipake kekantor dan rumah sudirmanCiledug 4. Kondisi masih full standart, ada pergantian di Ban belakang - Battlax 45 Tubless 5. Bahan bakar, Pertamax dari pertama motor dipake 6. Pajak tahunan baru dibayar artinya bisa langsung pake sampe october 2010. Hub. 0817188780 Kelengkapan : velg standard,monoshock Yamaha.

English Translation »

Yamaha - Vixion 150 - 2008

Price : Rp. 15.00 mil.
Item : Motor : Yamaha– 2008.
Seller :

Yamaha Vixion 150 2008 2008 Abu Abu Th pet for sale Motor Yamaha V-Ixion th 2008 October Month To Opening Price Rp.15, 5Jt (please negotiable) Specknya as follows: 1. V-Ixion Year 2008 Month October 2. Conditions are still good body & Machinery & Ok 3. Km 28rb-an, using that office to home sudirmanCiledug 4. Conditions are still full standard, there is turnover in the rear tires - Battlax 19 Tubless 5. Fuel, the first motor Pertamax dipake 6. New annual tax paid means it can directly use until October 2010. Hub. 0817188780 Completeness: standard alloy wheels, Yamaha monoshock.

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