Friday, November 19, 2010

motor ZUPITER Z - 2007 valk racing ban tubles

Motor : .Rp. 8,30 jt
Location : jakarta selatan JAKARTA SELATAN.
Date : 15 November 2010

Dijual YAMAHA ZUPITER Z th 2007 bln 9, valk racing ban tubles ,warna silver hitam. tangan 1 kodisi mulus sekali jrg pake BUKTIKAN. tlp 081905682063. YAMAHA. Model: ZUPITER Z.: Bekas. Moped. Tahun buat: 2007. Kilometer: 22030. silver hitam. Harga: Rp. 8,3 Juta. Harga Nego. contact:.dede suryana. No. Telepon: 081905682063. Penjual: Pribadi. Kode Pos: 12310. Kirim Email. Kota: jakarta selatan. Lokasi: JAKARTA SELATAN.

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ZUPITER Z - 2007 Valk racing tire tubles

Price : Rp. 8.30 mil.
Item : Motor : YAMAHA Bekas.
Seller :Contact : jakarta selatan JAKARTA SELATAN..

For Sale 2007 YAMAHA ZUPITER Z th mnth 9, Valk tubles racing tires, black and silver color. hand a very smooth JRG Events pake PROVE. Phone 081 905 682 063. YAMAHA. Model: ZUPITER Z.: Former. Mopeds. Year created: 2007. Kilometers: 22 030. black silver. Price: Rp. 8.3 Million. Price Negotiable. contact:. Dede Suryana. No. Phone: 081 905 682 063. Seller: Private. Postal Code: 12310. Send Email. City: jakarta south. Location: JAKARTA SELATAN.

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